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‘Biutiful’—how a Spaniard would read/say the English word ‘Beautiful.’

The Biutiful Cavas are produced at a winery created in 2007, utilizing the latest technology for the production of Cava. The vineyards are based in Requena; a region with a grape growing history dating back to the 7th century BCE. The region lies about 70 km West of the Mediterranean Sea and combines Mediterranean and Continental climatic influences. The winters are long and cold, getting down to near 0F. The summers are quite short punctuated by long, hot days with a cooling easterly wind in the afternoons/evenings. The elevation of the vineyards is between 700 and 900 meters and they grow Macabeo, Chardonnay, and Garnacha.

About the Winemaker: Winemaker Isaac Fernandez brings more than 25 years of winemaking experience to his latest, and namesake project. As the nephew of Mariano Garcia (the winemaker for Vega Sicilia), one could say that Isaac comes by his talent naturally. Using his network of relationships he sources fruit from superior, older vine vineyards in northern Spain. The fruit is handpicked and destemmed prior to vinification. Isaac’s philosophy is simple, “I try to respect the identity of the vineyards and of the grapes with which I work.”

Varietals: 100% Garnacha

Alcohol: 11.5% by volume

Tasting Notes: “Smoky stonefruit aromas lead to a fresh and zesty feeling palate that hits firmly with plum, raspberry and citrus flavors. The finish on this rosé Cava is solid but gaseous, with red-fruit and citrus flavors to spare.” Wine Enthusiast, Issue 2609, October 2013

Food Pairings: Cava, like most other sparklings, is one of the best food pairings around. Whether you are pairing Cava with fried and rich food as a palate cleanser, or with a main meal like butternut squash soup or seafood, you will find this to be a match made in heaven. Try Cava with unusual pairings like sweet and sour food, tangy and tart flavors, and salty dishes!

Jim Lutfy’s thoughts: “A great bubbly, with crisp and zesty acidity. Tart cranberries and a nice creaminess. A great sparkling for the holidays, especially if serving food with it. Cheers!”-JL

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