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December 2017

Floating Rock (Hyatt Vineyards):

Hyatt Vineyards was established by Leland and Lynda Hyatt in 1983. Evolving from a modest Estate vineyard surrounding the Winery, Hyatt Vineyards has grown to 180 acres in four separate sites all within 3 miles of the original plantings. Each of the four different vineyards: Cherry Hill, Three Rocks, Roza Ridge, and the original Estate Vineyard display significantly distinct soils, elevation and exposure. Varietals include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Chardonnay, Riesling, Black Muscat and Zinfandel. From the Winery’s first release in 1987, awards, medals and very favorable press have followed consistently year after year.


The wines produced by Hyatt were essentially 15,000 years in the making! It started with the Missoula Flood during the last ice age when an ice dam broke in Western Montana and created cataclysmic floods that flowed west into the eastern part of Washington and redeposited fertile soils as well as granite boulders and rocks. When the first vineyard was cleared many years ago, it was full of those boulders as well as massive amounts of rocks and was a huge undertaking. Thanks to those massive ice-age floods, today the vineyards consist of rich, light loam soil (with a few of those pesky rocks scattered about) providing the perfect structure for quality grapes. The name is a nod to the unique and historic way the rocks got there. Floating Rock wines are estate grown within the renowned Rattlesnake Hills appellation. The Rattlesnake Hills AVA was established in 2008 and is located approximately four miles Southeast of Yakima, Washington. The 68,500 acre AVA has 1,747 acres under vines and only 17 wineries and 29 vineyards. The Rattlesnake Hills AVA produces world-class wine grapes making some of Washington’s finest wines. The fruit is sourced from two main vineyards: “Winery Vineyard’ has 40 acres planted to the three varietals (Cabernet 19, Merlot 7, and Syrah 14) and our “Cherry Hill” vineyard has 67 acres (Cabernet 22, Merlot 28, and Syrah 17). Most of the vines are now 16 and 17 years old. The wine is aged in American oak barrels for approximately eighteen months before bottling.


100% Syrah



Tasting Notes:

Full of energy, this delicious Syrah is loaded with black cherry and raspberry fruits that are bright, juicy and vibrant with a nice dose of black pepper on the finish.

Food Pairings:

Pairs well with lamb, sausages, grilled meats of all kinds, roast pork, BBQ, stews, game meats-particularly venison, black olives, dishes with lots of ground pepper, and dishes with pungent herbs…truly a versatile food wine!

Jim Lutfy’s Thoughts:

A lively red loaded with fruit that jumps out of the glass, best served with Barbequed foods!

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