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November 2017

Cantina Gorgo:

This producer is brand new to the esteemed catalog of wines from Ann Arbor’s US Wine & Imports and has been introduced to us by the legendary Dair Calder-Piedmonte…Offered for the first time in Michigan this discovery comes from Chaad Thomas, President of First Tier Imports, the importing arm of US Wine & Imports: “The wine biz is small, so it’s really a point of pride that we’re regarded well enough by our clients that they bother to introduce us to great people. Such is the case here with Roberta of Cantina Gorgo, whom a buyer met at a Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri tasting in Chicago. Numbers were exchanged, and Roberta called us that same day, leading to this proud moment for us when we can offer the Bricolo family’s wines in Michigan! In 1973, Roberta’s father, Roberto— you see what he did there?— founded the estate just outside the village of Custoza, which is roughly midway between Lake Garda and Verona, a region known for its white wines and light, fresh reds. Working both with respect to tradition and with an eye to innovation, the Bricolos have invested in their vineyards, their winery, and the presentation of their wines to assure a quality wine and consumer experience. Organic grape growing, a clean, modern cellar, and lots of hard hands-on work allow Gorgo wines to stand among the best producers in Italy’s Veneto region.” The morainic lands deposited during glaciers withdrawal into the wide amphitheater to the east of Lake Garda lead into the pleasant hills extending above the surrounding Padana plain. This is where the Gorgo Wine Estate was established in 1973, a territory belonging to the village of Custoza, a municipality of Sommacampagna (Verona). From its original 22 hectares, the estate is now stretching over 60 hectares, almost all part of the “Bianco di Custoza” and “Bardolino” production areas.


The light textured soil of this area is typically whitish, and consists of rock fragments, pebbles, humus and silt rich in calcium carbonate concentration at high PH. All vines have been planted in compliance with the DOC and DOCG Standards. The farm estate is managed by owner Roberto Bricolo, who has been supported for almost 30 years by a wise and skilled agronomist. The cultivation technique still reflects the traditional methods practiced in the local area; use of organic fertilizers, young vineyards kept free of weeds by plowing. Harvest, which is almost entirely manual, takes traditionally a long time: 30-45 days to allow the grapes of special estates to fully ripen. This contemporary wine is the result of the land related features, i.e. soil, climate, tradition, combined with the needs of present-day living and dining.


Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara (undisclosed ratios) aged 6 months in stainless steel.



Tasting Notes:

Delicate fresh cut cherries on the nose yields to a smooth mouth feel with a dry and light red fruit and lightly earthy finish. Serve with a slight chill, usually 20-30 minutes in the fridge!

Food Pairings:

This is a lovely old-world Italian alternative to pair with turkey on Thanksgiving! Also great with other light meats, soups, rice, pasta, soft goat cheese, Asiago, Brie, Port Salut, Feta, Mozzarella, Ricotta, and Provolone.

Jim Lutfy’s Thoughts:

Elegant wine that is slick and silky; a wine that breeds class!! Best served with oily fish or pork.

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