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November 2018

Primary Wines:

Every Holiday Season we seek out the “as close to perfect” wine to pair with traditional Holiday dishes as we can find. This November, as we move toward another Thanksgiving Feast with family and friends, we have found Primary Wines Pinot Noir. Primary Wines was born out of the desire to bring good wines at great prices to people who aspire to live free and drink well. At the same time, it was imperative to stay true to our ideals, one of which is the essential understanding that all good wines are created equal, but if and only if they reflect their primary and wholesome source, which is the grapes that they are produced from. Finally, we wanted to embrace and encourage the natural intelligence and inquisitiveness of our fellow drinkers by giving them a little insight into the often opaque language used by wine connoisseurs, hence the brief lesson appearing on our labels. In our communal quest to live well, we invite you to go back to the basics and enjoy our fruit-driven, thirst-quenching Primary Wines.


Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for Thanksgiving. Why? These wines are food-friendly, with soft tannins and a fresh burst of tart acidity that helps to cut through rich dishes. They have herbal notes that complement all the sage, thyme, and fennel in a Thanksgiving feast, and an earthiness that brings out the best in mushroom gravy, turkey dripping gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, and turkey itself. At its best, pinot is elegant, sultry and savory, with a pop of fresh tart berries and base notes that remind me of the wet forest floor. Unfortunately, Pinot Noir is typically an expensive and notoriously tricky grape, so you’re not going to find a ton of delicious bottles in the budget price range that will allow you to populate the Thanksgiving table with multiple bottles (Cheap pinot can be overly sweet, overly oaked, and totally disappointing). But if you are looking for a special bottle(s) of Pinot Noir to share at Thanksgiving, we have found one that over-achieves for its price point and delivers exactly what a great Pinot Noir is supposed to for the Thanksgiving Feast. Primary wines produces varietally correct and over-achieving wines from the best vineyards in California. The fruit for this vintage comes primarily from Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley but incorporates other California vineyards, and had been crafted by their winemakers that have worked multiple vintages to deliver consistently delicious offerings. On a side note, we have purchased more than what we require for our Wine Club Members to accommodate you and your guests, if you choose to serve this delicious Pinot Noir at your Thanksgiving Feast!


100% California Pinot Noir



Tasting Notes:

Elegant and smooth, but still lively, this California Pinot features enticing aromas of sun-ripened strawberries against a background of warm baking spices.

Food Pairings:

From Turkey to Ham, or Salmon and the enigmatic Turducken, Pinot Noir is the perfect Holiday Feast pairing for the main dishes as well as the many delicious and savory sides!!!

Jim Lutfy’s Thoughts:

Rich and opulent, layers of complexity, with a long lingering finish, the Primary Wines Pinot Noir is best served with Thanksgiving Turkey, Oily Fish, or Duck.

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